Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Poon Spirit

Being in the holiday spirit, Poon of the SEC would think to give thanks for the important things in life. In no particular order, here is our gratitude list for 2007.

College Football
All Booze
Bootie shaking music
SEC Football
Coeds that grind, touch, and kiss each other
Hot SEC Poon
You Tube
SEC Poon hunters and Ninjas

We have found a video that almost covers each item on our list. Hot Cajun Pooners shaking their poonfeathers!

Best the SEC Poon Video of ALL TIME.

Merry Poonmas and Happy Pooner Holidays.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Poon Smooches

Everyone loves it when hot sec poon breaks out their lovely tongues on another. No more words are needed on this post.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Pooner Smooches

We love it when hot SEC poon poses for the camera by either groping or kissing one another. Today's pictures steam up our pooner lenses, your computer screen and put the the "HAWT" in

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?"

Hot Sec Poon loves their "drinky drinky" and who can blame them? Here is another installment of Happy Hour Poon.
2 bottles for the price of one! Who needs Salt of Lime?
This is one of our favorite pictures of all time. Does this War Eagle pooner not have Hall of Fame potential potential or what? Dress, school colors, hooker boots and caught mixing a stiffy inside the stadium. Poonerfection!

All we need to see is a cute face and a nice cleavage line for her enshrinement into the Poon of the SEC Hall of Fame. What type of coeds sneak in flasks for themselves? Where else in college football do find this astounding bravery? Nowhere and No one but HOT SEC POON.

Chugging Contests RULE! GO CAJUN POONER GO!

Sweet Biscuits are "yummy in the pooner tummy" after a long night of partying. Can we order ours with EXTRA frosting por favor? Scrumptious.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Hour Poon

There are many characteristics that make up the definition of a SEC Pooner. For our new readers, we plan on posting the Ten Poon-Mandments in the near future. Plus, we always want to refresh and sharpen the skills of our loyal poon hunters.

Two of the most vital elements are smoking hot looks and being a fan of a SEC college team.

One our favorite trait is the SEC Pooners fondness to booze with the best of them.

Cocktail, Beer, Shots, Chugging, Keg Stands, you name it. Hot SEC Poon brings it all to the table.

As one of our favorite sayings goes,
"It is happy hour somewhere, right?"

It sure is, here at Poon of the SEC. Bottoms UP!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nostradamus of Poon

On Tuesday we requested the Arkansas Razorbacks to hire a new head football coach so we could use it to unload some more Pig Sooie poon. Little did we know that Razorback officials were readers of our little site and made the wish come true by hiring Bobby Petrino later in the day.

Maybe that is a stretch, however, we waited to make sure Petrino did not pull a Dana Altman today and was not scared off after yelling "Pig Sooie."

Petrino is staying in Fayetville and he should be happy with the following sizzling Pig Sooie poon. Trust us, the hot poon ALWAYS helps with recruiting and it sure is easier on the eyes than female NFL fans.

We located another big winner of the Petrino hire and it is QB Casey Dick. Dick should welcome the QB friendly Petrino offense and even if it sucks like the 07 Falcons, Dick still gets to chill in his down time with this hot Razorback pooner.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ode to DMac

Sorry, we lied about our Heisman coverage ending. RB Darren McFadden earned runner up in the Heisman race for the second straight season. Do not shed too many tears for DMac because he will be a top pick if he declares for next April's draft.

Nevertheless, we still wanted to offer condolences to "Humanity Advanced" by showing some Pig Sooie poon. Also, we have a HUGE pot of Razorback poon that needed a reason to be released.

This is just the tip of the "poonberg" so would Arkansas hurry up and hire a football coach so we can unveil more of this sizzling hot Pig Sooie poon.

Do it for your fans but more importantly, do it for us, Poon of the SEC and our readers. We are selfish like that because in our world, Hot SEC Poon trumps everything.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Congrats Tebow

We are sure everyone is tired of our continuous Heisman related posts and we promise that this is the last one. (FYI, we have an amazing ongoing bowl special planned.)

We had to offer a Poon of the SEC congratulations to Tim Tebow for winning the 2007 Heisman.

The best case scenario is that our site contributed in some fashion to Tebow's historic achievement and worst case is that people just enjoyed our Gator poon.

We need to visit this type of casino where EVERYONE wins!

While listening to Tim's acceptance speech, we agreed with one of his (our) repetitive statements.

“We love looking at Gator poon, and we love Gator Nation poon.”

Tim hugged everyone on stage he could get his hands on and here are 4 more hot sec pooners who might be happy with a Tebow celebratory embrace.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

McFadden for Heisman

Hogs star RB Darren McFadden stellar play was expected this season and we earlier featured a funny picture of him. Here at Poon of the SEC we have been more pleasantly surprised at the high quality of Pig Sooie Poon.

We wish good luck to McFadden at tonight's award show and we are sure these hot Pig Sooie pooners endorse our sentiments. WOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOOOOIIIIEEEE!

(Thanks to Hogs Uncensored for the pictures)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tebow for Heisman

We could make a crack about Tebow being home schooled in High School or poke fun at his phone TD celebration at LSU. We did that earlier this season.

This post is about promoting Tebow's historic opportunity to become the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman trophy award. Also, it gives us an excuse to show some more hot Gator poon. MMMMMMM, Gator Poon.

For more Heisman Tebow hype, check out a Soulja Boy video at More Credible.

Thanks to CNNSI, Construda, and our number one Poon hunter, Jimmy, for the great pictures.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Heisman Poon Preview

The four Heisman trophy finalists have been announced:

UF-QB Tim Tebow
Ark-RB Darren McFadden
Mizzou-QB Chase Daniels
Hawaii-QB Colt Brennan.

Both the “chosen one” and “humanity advanced” have a good shot of picking up the illustrious award.

We plan on arguing each of their cases over the next few days by providing stats of the past season. We have been pouring over game tapes over the past 48 hours in preparation.

Did you laugh? We sure did, out loud.

Poon of the SEC cares less about either of DMac’s big game against LSU rationale or Tebow’s 20/20 TD argument.

Our purpose is POON, in particular, HOT SEC POON.

We will give each candidate his just due by displaying hot razorback and gator poon in upcoming posts. We hope this provides last minute persuasion upon voters to bring the trophy to a SEC team.

First, we would like to introduce each candidate to our loyal readers. Poon of the SEC style.

We know this Tebow picture is as outdated as the "sophmore can not win the Heisman" logic but it is still mesmerizing.

We have been sitting on this McFadden picture all year. The sexy pooner next to him might have to transfer to Ole Miss now.

Slim to none chance that we were going to post pictures of Colt and Chase.

More detailed SEC Heisman previews coming. Stay Tuned.

(thanks to CNNSI for the Hawaii photo)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Poon Branch

Fallout continues over the South Carolina/Clemson game after a controversial billboard was recently edited. You can read all about the "Chicken Curse" incident here.

We feel obligated to stick up for the Gamecocks and talk some trash about Clemson's tacky sportsmanship. It was obviously a classless move by a few Tiger fans but we feel torn.

Have you seen some of the Clemson poon? Smoking! Clemson and Arizona Stripper U are 2 of our favorite non-SEC poon factories.

In order to initiate the healing process between the two schools, we are extending our Poon Branch as a peace offering.

Sorry, that would be Poon Branches, plural.

First, let us make sure that the 2 dance/cheer teams are getting along.

This looks much better. Now it is time for the Hot Poon to be all Smiles! :)

Much, Much Better

Monday, December 3, 2007

Congrats to Cajun Poon

The LSU Tigers captured the SEC title on Saturday and earned a trip to the BCS title game against Ohio State. Some of these pictures are Poon of the SEC repeats but we felt the need to recognize LSU's accomplishment by putting up our favorite Cajun Poon pictures.

We plan on a pooner preview showcase for every bowl game with a SEC team in it. If any poon sleuths out there would like to contribute pictures to our SEC bowl season endeavor, feel free to email us at