Friday, March 21, 2008

Music City Poon Bowl

There are no two college girl "super" fans more over exposed than Florida State's Cowgirl Jen Sterger and Kentucky's Ashley Judd. It is well documented about Sterger parlaying her great fake rack into paid media gigs and it is impossible to watch a Kentucky basketball home game without the TV camera's fixated on Judd's pretty mug.

Yes, they both qualify as hot poon, with Judd of the cougar variety. We mean no disrespect but for our feature on the 2007 Music City Bowl between Kentucky and FSU, it was time to move past these two pooners and display some of the other hot poon from both schools.

The Seminoles came into their bowl match up vs the Wildcats severely undermanned after 36 players were suspended for the game due to an academic cheating scandal.

Senior Stud QB Andre Woodson threw for 4 scores, leading the Wildcats to a 35-28 victory. This UK win marked the first time since 1951-2 that UK had won two straight bowl games.

FSU might have been over matched in the bowl due to a depleted squad but the Seminoles are stock full of reinforcements when it comes to poon. This is just a sample of their recruiting poon base.

Bluegrass Poon.

Bluegrass Poon can bring it but it is hard to compete with FSU,one of the great poon meccas in America.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vol Pooner Bleeds Orange

Bruce Pearl needs to be dropping text messages to this hot Vol pooner.

Oh, consider our bone chilled!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Sorry for our lack of posts lately but rest assured SEC poon lovers, we are hard at work researching for our SEC Poon bowl feature.

The Music City Bowl between Kentucky and Florida State is on tap next. We are trying to avoid posting pictures of Ashley Judd or repeats so this endeavor is taking longer than expected.

FSU is a tough match up for the Big Blue Wildcats because there is some fine ass poon in Tallahassee as you soon will find out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Ahead Poon

The earlier than usual daylight savings times felt like a bad fumbled snap and it has been difficult for us to recover.

Plus, why do we lose a hour from 2-3am while we are either sleeping or still up drinking? We request a Monday at 4pm for the next time we are ordered to move our clocks up a hour.

We can only think of one way to help get us get back to some sort of time normalcy.

Our bearings have returned and we are now convinced that the extra hour of pooner sunlight is justified.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Independence Poon Bowl

The 2007 Independence Bowl faced the Alabama Crimson Tide vs Colorado Buffaloes. This was a crazy game as Bama raced out to a 27-0 lead and held off a furious CU rally to pull out the bowl victory, 30-24. If you are interested, here are some post game thoughts from a Bama blog.

We were able to track down some Big 12 Buffalo poon and it competes somewhat with Bama but predictably, the nod goes to the hot Roll Tide pooners of T-Town.

(Props to Busted Coverage for the CU poon pix)

Have a great weekend poon lovers. Many kudos to those nameless but honorable poon hunters who helped contribute. Our gratitude is as never ending as the Poon of the SEC.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Poon Wanted Ad

We miscalculated our pooner inventory and we are in desperate need of more poon ammo to arm us in some great ideas that we have coming up.

Poon of the SEC takes tremendous pride that our site only displays high quality poon and we do not want to dip our standards. With the hotness of SEC pooners, it does not take long to reload up.

Here are the schools with the highest pooner priority.


Please feel free to send all hot poon shots of any other school as well.

We know the college football off season is long and we are trying our best to provide everyone with some SEC fix to help them through it.

Email pix to

Thanks to everyone. Happy Hunting.

Poon of the SEC