Friday, January 30, 2009

Cajun Poon Gets Rejected

Jamarkus McFarland, one of the top high school players in the country, caused quite a stir last month after an insightful article detailed the juicy recruiting war for his services.

4 star defensive tackle McFarland ended up spurning his home state Texas Longhorns and chose the Oklahoma Sooners. Although we will stay far away from the Red River recruiting rivalry, we felt the need to scrutinize this passage from his recruiting visit to Baton Rouge:
McFarland made four official visits during his recruitment — to Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana State and Southern California.

He said he saw everything from flat-screen televisions in Texas Coach Mack Brown’s bathrooms to L.S.U.’s recruiting hostesses sitting on the laps of prospects.

Of the four universities, L.S.U. made the worst impression. After the Tigers lost to Georgia, 52-38, on Oct. 25, McFarland, his mother and his grandmother attended a catered meal at the home of Tigers Coach Les Miles.

“He was very dry,” Adams said of Miles.

Adams was further turned off by L.S.U., she said, when she saw hostesses sitting on the laps of recruits.

Cajun Boy stood up for hostesses Tiger poon:
And what exactly is so repulsive with having a cute Cajun girl sitting on your lap when you're 18 years old? Enjoy the barrel of coked-out monkeys that is Norman, Oklahoma Jamarkus.

Well, the proof is always in the poon and we could not agree more with Cajun Boy's observation. Most males would be satisfied with any of the following hot Cajun pooners sitting on their laps.

Very few teenagers will resist the power of SEC poon so our humble advice to the LSU coaching staff would be to continue to use hot Cajun poon to your recruiting advantage.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stripper Pole Poon

This Gator pooner was so excited about UF's BCS title victory that she went straight to a stripper pole for a national title celebratory performance.

HT: Videogum

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BCS Championship Poon

Congratulations to the University of Florida football team for their BCS title victory over Oklahoma and we proudly honor the national title championship with some hot Gator poon.