Tuesday, October 30, 2007

War Eagle Poon=Confirmed

Eleven days ago, Poon of the SEC posed a challenge to our readers. We were in desperate need to display the beauty of two SEC University pooner hotbeds in Auburn and Vanderbilt. They were the missing links to make our site officially the Poon of the whole SEC.

War Eagle Poon lovers heard our request and delivered the following beautiful babes. Thanks to Stu for the poon tips.

Commodore Poon Hunters, it is now all on you for us to satisfy the Poon of the SEC's mission. hotsecpoon@gmail.com

We would fly away with these delicious WAR Eagle Pooners.

We speculate that one of these Auburn pooners helped Brandon Cox improve his accuracy and turn around the Tigers' season.

It might be time to make our own T shirt: We heart War Eagle Poon!

War Eagle pooner, while sporting a Tiger Game Jersey, has a beer in one hand and a sexy pooner's arm in another. This makes us "Smitten for this Pooner Kitten."

Monday, October 29, 2007

You Got Served

What kind of site dedicated to SEC coed football poon would we be without posting videos of three Cajun pooners busting out some moves in a circle at a LSU tailgate? Not a very good one. We are unaware if any of these pooners "served" the other Krewe of Miss Lou dance contestants but we sure "got served" plenty of Monday entertainment.

Dance Clip #1, Cajun pooner is talented

Dance Clip #2, The same blond pooner gets too hot for her shirt

Dance Clip #3, 2 more Cajun pooners say screw learning the Soulja Boy, we will just shimmy shake our daisy dukes. Excellent.

Thanks to reader Tyler C for the links and Big 10 tailgate for beating us to the SEC pooner punch.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

WLOCP of Poon Part II

In honor of the WLOCP, we are going to take stab at guessing the pooner's cocktail choice for tomorrow's big game.

4 spicy captain and cokes.

2 Bloodies, heavy on the pepper. 2 Screw Drivers, heavy on the vodka.

Margarita, Extra Salt.
Pour this hot pooner a stiff bourbon.

Long Island Iced Tea will satisfy this hot UGA pooner.

Shots of Wild Turkey will get these gator pooners chomping, Gobble, Gobble!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party of Poon

Here at the Poon of the SEC, we consider ourselves to be the voice of the people who love great SEC poon. Thus, we had a request for a poon preview of this weekend's match up between UGA/Fl. We graciously granted their poon solicitation with some unbelievable Gator/Bulldog poon backside shots to get fans amped for the game.

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party simultaneously possess a substantial amount of high quality SEC poon in one gathering.

On Saturday, the Jacksonville Landing and Municipal Stadium will be a poon lover's paradise. Poon of the SEC has a formal request to our readers or their friends attending the outdoor "par tay" in Jville.

Please send us your pictures of this illustrious poon event. We need to have its glorious memory live on in the greatest way possible: Displaying HOT SEC Poon.

email us at: hotsecpoon@gmail.com


No words needed for the video of these 2 hot Auburn Pooners.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poon Potpourri

Visitors to the Poon of the SEC, love poon and different flavors of SEC poon. Today, we offer our first installment of Poon Potpourri. We recommend immediately clearing out your nasal cavity in order to fully enjoy your fragrance sniff of this pleasant potpourri of SEC poon.

These 2 lovely SEC pooners smell of Spicy Orange and Gardenia. The ND pooner has no smell, which is probably a good thing because she could make Chuck Weis hungry.

Both of these bama pooners have the strong scent of Cinnamon Stick.

This pot of UGA poon has a stiff aroma of Wildflowers.
Take whiff of these 2 hot Miss St Bulldawg pooners and Fall Festival fills your nose.

Breathe in DEEP and savor the lovely Ocean Whisper pot potpourri of this sizzling Pig Sooey pooner.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cajun Supa MAN!

Poon of the SEC loves SEC Poon Soulja Boy and we wish there was more than 12 seconds in this video of LSU poon dancing at a tailgate. This Cajun pooner at the end of the clip picks up her jumbo water bottle, which is filled with a red drink.

Gatorade? Fruit Punch? War Eagle Blood? Les Miles' Balls? Some liquor concoction that we just do not know about? We will go with Poon Juice.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Needed: The Final Poon Pieces

Poon of the SEC was doing some recent inventory and we had an alarming discovery. Two SEC schools have been completely shut out here on our pages. We consider our site to be a diplomatic endeavor, focused on pure poon from every school in the SEC.

The 2 missing schools are Vanderbilt and Auburn. We KNOW for a fact that there are tuns of hot poon running around both of the cities of Nashville and Auburn.

We have attached a picture of a little kitten trapped in a WAR Eagle bra and a video from a Vandy soroity water melon tossing event. We apologize for the Vandy video but it was the only thing we could find.

Alumni, students, and fans of both of these schools, we need your help to represent your poon like it should be here on Poon of the SEC.

Have a great weekend and as alway, Happy SEC Poon hunting.

"Hey Tebow, "Who's in Your Fave 5?"

With fans jamming up Tebow's phone a few weeks ago and forcing him to get a new number, Poon of the SEC decided to investigate who might be on the Gator's Sophomore QB's fave 5. Warning, the following results contain high amounts of Gator Poon.
With hot a pooner like this in the stands and on Timmy's speed dial, we have no idea how he is able to concentrate at his home games.

Being the FSU turned USF Cowgirl, Jenn Sterger does not make into Teabow's top 5. Her pooner friend does grace his speed dial and Tim has "chosen the right one."

If there is anyone getting more love on the Gainesville campus than Tebow, it might be this Gator statue. This hot Gator pooner makes a repeat appearance on Poon of the SEC and she is a solid member(s) of Tebow's fave 5.

After looking at the final member of Tebow's fave five list, the Poon of the SEC has a different outlook on home schooling. We would have gladly traded study halls in high school to end up dialing up a pooner like this in college. We suspect when Tebow has Teabag insults hurled his way that this gator pooner might have some consoling ideas.

(This post was made in jest with high amounts of poon sarcasm. Poon of the SEC)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cock Poon

Here at the Poon of the SEC, we thought the "Ole Ball Coach" went back to college and in particular, South Carolina, so he could play golf year round at area Myrtle Beach golf courses, revel in the opportunity to make more UT Citrus Bowl jokes and run up the score on inferior opponents.

Little did we know, Spurrier's motivation could be the presence of so much high quality poon in Columbia. Recruiting 18 year olds to get "coached up," is much easier when this type of Hot Cock Poon is running around.

We do not know what this means nor do we care. We DO know that we might need carton of smokes very soon.
Who needs the Bachleor Jesse Palmer to pump up the ball coach's coaching credentials on ESPN when you have this lovely pooner roaming the stands.
We have to apologize again to our readers but we love this picture for all the wrong reasons. Before you think we are dirt balls, check out her name tag.
This sizzling pooner is bringing home leftovers for our game day munchies. Awesome.
Alex, WE MIGHT HAVE A WINNER! Smoking hot face and body, even when sober, check. Loves her SEC football team and sporting school colors, check. Big purse in the background, check. Great Clevage showing, Big CHECK!

Her glasses could be a little bigger and we do not know how uncomfortable her shoes are but once she yells, "GO COCKS," none of that matters.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Big Orange Poon

We are not going to lie but we are big time suckers for southern belles in orange. Check out this video of smoking hot Vol poon. Ring a Ding, Ding, Ding.

Monday, October 15, 2007

LSU fans: We Are Sorry

Here at the Poon of the SEC would like to apologize to all LSU Tiger fans. Due to our outpouring recognition of Bluegrass poon on Friday, we feel partly responsible for Kentucky's big win over the weekend. Keep your head up LSU fans as we still firmly believe the SEC champion should and will play in the BCS title game.

All of your spirits should be buoyed by the fact that the best poon in America still resides in the SEC and we would like to express our condolences by serving up some spicey Cajun poon gumbo on this Monday afternoon. This lunch time treat should bring some smiles back to your faces. Enjoy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gettin in the Grove

Someone at ESPN must be reading Poon of the SEC as they have wall to wall coverage today of SEC football culture. Check out this video and we have NO idea why they chose this announcer to go around the Grove.

Plus, we wish we could delete the dudes in polos and just focus on the hot poon. We sure did find some great Rebel poon in pearls! Thanks to Chip for the tip and Keep them coming. Have a great weekend and Happy Sec Poon hunting. Enjoy.


The 2007 Kentucky Wildcat football team has a genuine shot at a SEC title and a possesses a legitimate Heisman trophy contender in QB Andre Woodson. Tomorrow, UK is hosting arguably the biggest game in their football history against number one ranked LSU.

On the eve of the big game, we wanted to recognize the Wildcat players, fans and coaches by the only way we know how: Providing Wildcat Poon. Load up your pipes and start pulling on your lawn mowers because it is time for some smoking hot Bluegrass Poon.
We heart Playboy Poon.

This cat will always be number one pooner in our eyes.

"C A T S, CATS, CATS, CATS!"prrrrrrrrrrrfect pooner.

"Meow!" said the pooner kitten.
These pooners could be the secret to Rich Brooks turning around the football program. Or taking Poon of the SEC on a road trip to Lexington.

After looking at these sexy UK Pooners, we just google mapped Kentucky.

It is good to know the poon farm system is running smoothly and Playboy Cat Pooner is keenly aware of her responsibility to train more hot poon. We love to see the teaching and passing on of the poon skills at a young age.

Thanks to Feel the Hype for the pictures.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Smokey VOL Poon

After we attended the Bama/Vol game last year in Kville, we could not get the Rocky Top song out of our heads for weeks. Luckily, the visions of hot SEC poon were stuck in our brains as well.
This Vol pooner makes us hmmmmm again, "GOOD OLE ROCKY TOP, WOOOOO!"
We saw this picture and started to mutter: "Yea, Alabama! Drown 'em Tide!" If Taylor Hicks is canoodling with this Bama pooner, he might have switched his allegiances from Auburn for good.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poon Barista

We consider ourselves to be fast becoming a Poon Barista.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of Barista is someone who has acquired some level of expertise in the preparation of espresso-based coffee drinks.

To us, a Poon Barista is a professional who is highly skilled in SEC poon preparation, with a comprehensive understanding of poon, poon blends, poonpresso, quality of poon, poon varieties, roast degree's of poon, poonpresso equipment, maintenance of sec poon, latte poon art, etc.

Take a number, get your spot behind the bar, and let us whip you up some poon beverage magic today. We are positive that you will admire the quality and variety of our drinks. We hope you stop by again for a daily pooner pick me up. No money needed, this round is on us.
This Gator pooner has "dry" Cappuccino written all over here. "Dry" means with more foam. We love to make extra foam.
4 lattes coming right up for these steamy Bulldog pooners.
Pig Sooey pooner might get her tongue burnt so we suggest an Iced Caffe Mocha.
Oh Cock Poon. Can there be 2 better words that go better together than Cock and Poon? We recommend 4 Caramel Macchiatos because Carmel, Cock, and Poon work well too.

WOAH! Vol Camo poooner has our attention right away. We will supply her with a Double Shot Espresso Macchiato, which is gently marked with foam. She needs to keep up her pep but we are fine for now!
We keep getting Cajun poon and we can not get enough.Caffé Americano is our choice which is Espresso & hot water. No milk needed for these tiger pooners.
WOAH! Holy SHI%! That sure is a large crowd of thirsty UGA pooners! Looks like it is time to show off our poon barista skills and we can not serve anything warm to this group of sizzling hot Bulldog poon. 4 Iced White Chocolate Mochas and 5 Tazo® Iced Chai Lattes should cool them down.
Gator poon is the ultimate remedy for a long work day. We do not want these pooners to lose their amazing smiles so we will serve them 2 White Chocolate Mochas. Nothing says uber delicious than Espresso, white chocolate cocoa, steamed milk & whipped cream mixed with luscious gator poon.

We are clocking out, too much work/excitement/caffeine for one day. WHEW!

Poon of the SEC