Friday, November 30, 2007

Wanted: SEC Championship Poon

Poon of the SEC's Championship Preview

How could we "cover" SEC football all season and not have a post about tomorrow's championship game. The Vols are coming off an emotional high and LSU enters the title game on a low after its disappointing home loss. Some college football pundits even believe Georgia is the best team in the SEC.

These story lines are totally irrelevant to us here at Poon of the SEC. We always remain neutral and our focus is on the hot poon getting their "tailgate on" outside/inside the Georgia Dome. From the looks of the Cajun and Vol poon below, the ATL should be a SEC Poon lovers paradise on Saturday.

Poon Hunters and Ninjas, you know the drill.

Find us some SEC Championship Poon.

Pig Sooie/Cajun Poon

LSU/Arkansas play each other for "the Golden Boot." Fans from both schools hate each other immensely and in our minds, this good enough for a rivalry. (Thanks to poon hunter Matt for the correction!)

We thought about divulging into the details of this triple OT thriller as DMac ran wild and LSU continued their unbelievable hot streak of 4th down success. Now Ex-head coach Houston Nutt barely had enough time to celebrate the Hogs upset victory because he already had his bags packed for Oxford.

We can not wait to find out what cell plan the Rebels will provide Nutt. Miles might be needing an UHaul soon himself. We have rambled long enough and poon time is way overdue.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Logos

We have been working on some new logos and we hope everyone enjoys them. Here is a quick Flash of Cajun Poon. More Poon Tomorrow. We promise.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

UGA Dawgs Poon vs GA Tech Poon

Did the title of this post throw you off? Locating Gtech poon is as difficult as finding hot Vanderbilt Coeds sporting Commodore gear, translation: it is impossible.

We gave up searching for GTech poon and just have some UGA poon to offer. Maybe the Yellow Jackets new football coach can assist in improving their poon quality as it might help in recruiting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Iron Poon Bowl

We know the game is over and we actually missed it. However, the Roll Tide/War Eagle poon below proves that this hard fought Iron Bowl battle is far from over off the field.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sunshine State of Poon

Florida/Florida State

This battle was always the one game that you circled on the calendar to be one of the biggest games in college football. Recently, the Seminoles offensive struggles and the Gators quick ascension back to dominant power under Coach Urban Meyer have put a damper on this rivalry.

However, Tallahassee is still a poon mecca and Gainesville has been making us smile all year here at Poon of the SEC. Even though the FSU Cowgirls are smoking hot, we have discovered that other Seminole poon does exist. Jenn Sterger is a South Florida Bull anyway.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Egg Poon Bowl

Ole Miss at Miss State

We could attempt to copy something from Wikipedia which would provide the history of the Egg Bowl and try to look all smart. We could debate if Coach O can save his job with a win or predict what bowl Miss State will get with a victory over their in state rivals.

Everyone knows this is not the purpose of Poon of the SEC. The following is what we do best. HOT SEC POON!

A smoking hot Rebel pooner

Bulley's having a good time

Hot Rebel Poon enjoying Halloween

Playboy Poon works for us

Hot Rebel Poon smiling it up at the Grove

Poon Rivalry Week

Since this is the last week of SEC football and most schools are playing their rivals, we have declared this Poon Rivalry Week.

We will try our best over this holiday weekend to find time to post poon for every SEC match up. Bear with us as we wade our way through turkey leftovers, football watching, booze and family members bitching. Oh, the holidays. Who needs some good hot ass poon to help them endure their upcoming weekend?

Let's get to the poon match up. Clemson/South Carolina. Tiger Poon/Cock Poon

We have no idea if these 2 schools play for some trophy or the history of the clash. There are plenty of resources for that information. You know why you bookmarked this site and it is not for football breakdowns.

We do know that it might be time to take a road trip to the Palmetto state.

I mean this poon is redunkulous!

Check out the cream of the Cock/Tiger Poon crop.

Thanks to and ACC Poon for some of the pictures.