Thursday, September 30, 2010

SEC Pooner Gameday Week 5

Week 5
  • Vanderbilt at Connecticut 12:00 pm est
  • Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn 12:00 pm est ESPNU
  • Alcorn at Mississippi St 12:00 pm est FSN
  • Kentucky at Ole Miss 12:21 pm est SEC Network
  • Tennessee at LSU 3:30 pm est CBS
  • Georgia at Colorado 7:00 pm est FSN
  • Florida at Alabama 8:00 pm est CBS

Oldie But a Goodie

Florida and Bama face off this weekend so it is time to rerun this video. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

SEC Pooner Gameday Week 4

Week 4
  • UAB at Tennessee 12:21 pm est SEC Network
  • Alabama at Arkansas 3:30 pm est CBS
  • Kentucky at Florida 7:00 pm est ESPNU
  • Georgia at Mississippi St 7:00 pm est FSN
  • Fresno St at Ole Miss 7:30 pm est CSS
  • South Carolina at Auburn 7:45 pm est ESPN
  • West Virginia at LSU 9:00 pm est ESPN2

Saturday, September 18, 2010

SEC Pooner Gameday Week 3

Week 3 Schedule
  • Arkansas at Georgia 12:00 pm est ESPN
  • Vanderbilt at Mississippi 12:00 pm est SEC
  • Florida at Tennessee 3:30 pm est CBS
  • Alabama at Duke 3:30 pm est ABC
  • Clemson at Auburn 7:00 pm est ESPN
  • Mississippi State at LSU 7:00 pm est ESPNU
  • Akron at Kentucky 7:00 pm est FSS
  • Furman at South Carolina 7:00 pm est PPV

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Time to Poon......"

The title makes no sense but a text message with those words will likely keep you out of legal trouble, unlike Florida standout WR Chris Rainey's infamous "Time to Die....." mobile threat.

The Gators travel to Tennessee on Saturday and Vols fans have quickly pounced by creating this text message T shirt for the game.

We are always looking for a reason to showcase sizzling SEC poon and here is one for some hot Vols poon. This is a much better poon transition than last week's "shower discipline" quotes from UT Coach Derek Dooley.

Those comments were just too juicy and we are trying to keep it PG-13 pooner rated around here. Well, at least somewhat. Enjoy!

To be fair to our Gators' fans, The Pearl of Vol Poon is in some hot water for fibbing to the NCAA.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

SEC Pooner Gameday- Week 2

Week 2 Schedule
  • Louisiana-Monroe at Arkansas 7:00 pm est, FSN
  • USF at Florida 12:21 pm est, SEC Network
  • Western Kentucky at Kentucky 7:30 pm est, CSS
  • LSU at Vanderbilt 7:00 pm est, ESPNU
  • Georgia at South Carolina 12:00 pm est, ESPN2
  • Oregon at Tennessee 7:00 pm est, ESPN2
  • Penn St at Alabama 7:00 pm est, ESPN
  • Ole Miss at Tulane 9:00 pm est, ESPN2

Friday, September 3, 2010

We are BAAAAAAAAAACK! Sec Pooner Gameday- Week 1

The leaves are changing, grills are firing up, meat is marinating, beer is chilling, the scent of whiskey is in the air and smoking hot pooners are picking out their knockout game day attire. Are you ready for college football, tailgating, and SEC poon? We sure are....Hells Yeah!

2010 Poon of the SEC season: All Systems GO!

Week One Schedule

Thursday, September 2nd

South Carolina 41, Southern Mississippi 13

Saturday, September 4th
  • Miami (Ohio) at Florida, 12:00pm ET, ESPN
  • La-Lafayette at Georgia, 12:21pm ET, SEC Network package
  • Kentucky at Louisvile, 3:30pm ET, ABC
  • Jacksonville State at Ole Miss, 3:30pm ET, CSS
  • UT-Martin at Tennessee, 6:00pm ET, PPV
  • San Jose State at Alabama, 7:00pm ET, PPV
  • Tennessee Tech at Arkansas, 7:00pm ET, PPV
  • Memphis at Mississippi State, 7:00pm ET, ESPNU
  • Arkansas State at Auburn, 7:00pm, Fox Sports Network
  • Northwestern at Vanderbilt, 7:30pm ET, CSS
  • North Carolina vs LSU at Atlanta, 8:00pm ET, ABC

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Happy Hunting!

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