Friday, September 28, 2007

“Woooooo Pig! Sooie!

Arkansas raised up and brought some very fine Razorback Poon to the table. Enjoy the debut of Pig Sooey Poon. Why is Nutt not text messaging this hot pooner? Finger Looking Good!

This pretty pooner has her Hesiman ballot cast already this season.

Pooners with dudes are usually cropped out or discarded right away here on Poon of the SEC. This picture is an exception and I have no idea what "Run DMC" is pimping here in this get up but very SOLID. We hope these pooners were able to get a ride in D-Mac's crunk crown victoria later on. Who are we kidding? Hell YES they did for he is Poonmanity Advanced.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

SEC Pooners Make TV

CSTV has this great video of the hottest coeds in the country residing in Athens. It is hard to argue with the recent out pouring of hot Bulldawg poon here on Poon of the SEC.

We wish were there was a way to cut out the dudes on this video and mute the really, really dumb pooners. Oh well, it still is great sec poon. Enjoy.

Here at Poon of the SEC, we do believe several schools have not been properly represented yet. We are talking to you Ole Mis, Miss St, Vandy, LSU, Bama, just to name a few. This site is about Poon of the SEC, not Poon of UGA and UF, which could happen very quickly. Poon hunters and pooners, time to show school pride and step up to the pooner plate. We know you have the sexy cocktail dresses and big designer glasses in ya.

Batter up to

Thanks to Big Ten Tailgate for the video.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Pot of UGA Poon Runneth Over

Dear Athens' Pooners,

How art thou trim your pooner hedges? Slowly?





Monday, September 24, 2007

Huge Pot of Bulldawg Poon

Poon of the SEC has a well full of hot UGA Bulldawg poon. Thanks to Phil for answering the Pooner Call to Arms. It is time for some other schools to step up to the plate. The Poon of SEC is in dire need of your help, Poon Hunters. I know the Grove was full of Hot Rebel poon last Saturday and I know the pooners of T-town never disappoint. Email

Happy Monday Poon Lovers.

Ruff, Ruff, RUFF

Girl on right is a near perfect SEC Pooner.

Smoking Dawg in facepaint.
An oldie but a goodie to get everyone motivated.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pooner Call To Arms

Alright fellow SEC Poon Lovers and Hunters, the Poon of the SEC needs your help. The Poon has been slowing to a trickle and campuses full of hot poon have not been truly represented like they should. Pac 10 Poon has finally raised their game as well.

7 locations of games this weekend and the Poon of the south shall not die. There was a reason that the original SEC poon achieved so much widespread popularity. The SEC girls are the hottest and only they can capture what a true pooner really is. Please pass this message along to message boards, forums, blogs, and prospective poon hunters.

Good Luck, May the Power of the Poon always be with you.
email with tips.

South Carolina (3-0) at LSU (3-0)3:30 PM CBS
Florida (3-0) at Ole Miss (1-2)12:30 PM GamePlan
Kentucky (3-0) at Arkansas (1-1)6:00 PM ESPN2
New Mexico State (2-1) at Auburn (1-2)7:00 PM GamePlan
Gardner-Webber(1-1) at Mississippi State (2-1) 7:00 PM
Arkansas State (1-1) at Tennessee (1-2) 7:00 PMGamePlan
Georgia (2-1) at Alabama (3-0) 7:45 PM ESPN


These 2 sizzling Vol pooners quickly shoot up the All Time pooner list. Big sun glasses, low cut shirts, tailgating and stunning looks even when sober. These pooners should get you fired up for College Gameday tomorrow.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gator Jaws

These hot UF pooners are hungry to chomp more Gator titles and ready to breed Tebow's children.
Face paint and Pearls are a staple of these Gator Pooners.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Party Time in Lexington

After the big W over UL, this Big Blue pooner cat is pooped and um........ flexible?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Poon of the SEC Will NEVER Die!

I was reluctant to step on the toes of the Godfather of SECPOON but the people have spoken and demanded their SEC Poon.

SEC Poon should not be deleted forever so the Poon of the SEC has been created, web address:

The out pouring of poon requests and unprecedented levels of outrage led me to this decision.

The Poon of the SEC will attempt to temporarily fill the void and the big shoes of secpoon.

I encourage contributions from all over the globe and I would love to hear from the person(s) who pulled the levers behind the amazing SEC Poon curtain. Their trailblazing efforts make every poon picture possible.

Also, a side Big Ten Poon project has recently been hatched. While it is near sweater weather in BIG 10 country and pure impossible to compete with the cleavage of Southern Bells, I hope Big Ten Poon finds a place in the daily appetite for nationwide poon hunters/lovers.

Thanks to Ray for these glorious Vol pictures and please keep sending photos to

I know Vol, Rebel, Pig Sooey, and War Eagle fans could use some cheering up on this Monday morning. I heart Poon.

The Poon O' Meter almost broke with these lovely Vol Pooners. If Erik Ainge woke up with one of these pooners on Sunday morning, maybe his weekend was not a total loss.

Getting those Rocky Top Chords ready The Poon lovers have spoken on this revised photo.
God Bless Photoshop and Poon.

This Pooner has never inhaled.

Everyone is scoring in Kville, except maybe for the hippie in the background.

Naughty Pooner Number One

Big Ten Poon

Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Poon
Black Poon Friday
SEC Poon

POON of the SEC