Friday, September 21, 2007

Pooner Call To Arms

Alright fellow SEC Poon Lovers and Hunters, the Poon of the SEC needs your help. The Poon has been slowing to a trickle and campuses full of hot poon have not been truly represented like they should. Pac 10 Poon has finally raised their game as well.

7 locations of games this weekend and the Poon of the south shall not die. There was a reason that the original SEC poon achieved so much widespread popularity. The SEC girls are the hottest and only they can capture what a true pooner really is. Please pass this message along to message boards, forums, blogs, and prospective poon hunters.

Good Luck, May the Power of the Poon always be with you.
email with tips.

South Carolina (3-0) at LSU (3-0)3:30 PM CBS
Florida (3-0) at Ole Miss (1-2)12:30 PM GamePlan
Kentucky (3-0) at Arkansas (1-1)6:00 PM ESPN2
New Mexico State (2-1) at Auburn (1-2)7:00 PM GamePlan
Gardner-Webber(1-1) at Mississippi State (2-1) 7:00 PM
Arkansas State (1-1) at Tennessee (1-2) 7:00 PMGamePlan
Georgia (2-1) at Alabama (3-0) 7:45 PM ESPN

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