Friday, September 28, 2007

“Woooooo Pig! Sooie!

Arkansas raised up and brought some very fine Razorback Poon to the table. Enjoy the debut of Pig Sooey Poon. Why is Nutt not text messaging this hot pooner? Finger Looking Good!

This pretty pooner has her Hesiman ballot cast already this season.

Pooners with dudes are usually cropped out or discarded right away here on Poon of the SEC. This picture is an exception and I have no idea what "Run DMC" is pimping here in this get up but very SOLID. We hope these pooners were able to get a ride in D-Mac's crunk crown victoria later on. Who are we kidding? Hell YES they did for he is Poonmanity Advanced.


Gerald said...

Put Saban's daughter back up.

Moonglade said...

Let's hope they didn't debase themselves with that ape in his "ride." The disgusting willingness to watch your race betray itself is just pathetic.