Thursday, September 27, 2007

SEC Pooners Make TV

CSTV has this great video of the hottest coeds in the country residing in Athens. It is hard to argue with the recent out pouring of hot Bulldawg poon here on Poon of the SEC.

We wish were there was a way to cut out the dudes on this video and mute the really, really dumb pooners. Oh well, it still is great sec poon. Enjoy.

Here at Poon of the SEC, we do believe several schools have not been properly represented yet. We are talking to you Ole Mis, Miss St, Vandy, LSU, Bama, just to name a few. This site is about Poon of the SEC, not Poon of UGA and UF, which could happen very quickly. Poon hunters and pooners, time to show school pride and step up to the pooner plate. We know you have the sexy cocktail dresses and big designer glasses in ya.

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Thanks to Big Ten Tailgate for the video.

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gerry dorsey said...

i really enjoyed this video the second time i watched it...on mute.