Thursday, January 28, 2010

Healing Powers of SEC Poon

On January 12th, Lane Kiffin ignited a 5 alarm blaze with his abrupt departure from Tennessee to USC. Vols fans were understandably pissed off and droves of anti Kiffin facebook groups sprung up immediately.

UT students took their frustrations out, West Virginia style, by burning Kiffin related apparel along with mattresses and couches in a bonfire on campus.

UT’s famous rock became a high profile billboard out post for Kiffin anger. You can see the new creative artwork on the rock here , here and here.

Since then, UT has hired a new coach and the level of anger is starting to slowly subside or be channeled in other ways like hating Ed Orgeron for being slim shady.

Putting on our best medicine man hat, we feel the need to do our part in helping heal wounds of the Big Orange faithful by showing off some steamy Vols poon.

In order to bring back a more glorious time for the campus icon, we made sure to find pictures of hot Vol pooners by the rock.


For the record and obvious reasons, we will miss hot wifey poon, Layla.