Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best College Football Schedule Idea Ever

We take pride in Poon of the SEC's objectivity and the ability to stay out of the passionate rivalries between SEC schools. We take some playful jabs here and there but consumers of our little community know our sole motivation for continuing this blog is one thing only: HOT SEC POON.

The rationale behind this little reminder is to make sure all SEC fans know that we are not in the tank for Alabama. It is difficult not to appear to favor the Crimson Tide after staring at this hot Roll Tide busty pooner and revealing the best 2008 college football schedule idea ever.

Bama fans everywhere have found their new computer wallpaper and screen savers. Yes, you are welcome but thanks should go to the hot Bama pooner.

We would love to see this idea catch fire and if other SEC fans can produce similar 2008 football schedule poon creations for their individual schools, send them over to us and we will do our part. hotsecpoon@gmail.com

UPDATE: For those interested in the completion of our pooner bowl recaps, they are currently under production. We plan on breaking them out gradually. Always and forever, Sec Poon rulz.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gulf Poon

All those Bama player arrests in T town during the off season have boiled this hot Roll Tide pooner's skin and she needed to cool off with a quick dip in the Gulf.

Props to Friends of the Program for the link.