Friday, October 12, 2007


The 2007 Kentucky Wildcat football team has a genuine shot at a SEC title and a possesses a legitimate Heisman trophy contender in QB Andre Woodson. Tomorrow, UK is hosting arguably the biggest game in their football history against number one ranked LSU.

On the eve of the big game, we wanted to recognize the Wildcat players, fans and coaches by the only way we know how: Providing Wildcat Poon. Load up your pipes and start pulling on your lawn mowers because it is time for some smoking hot Bluegrass Poon.
We heart Playboy Poon.

This cat will always be number one pooner in our eyes.

"C A T S, CATS, CATS, CATS!"prrrrrrrrrrrfect pooner.

"Meow!" said the pooner kitten.
These pooners could be the secret to Rich Brooks turning around the football program. Or taking Poon of the SEC on a road trip to Lexington.

After looking at these sexy UK Pooners, we just google mapped Kentucky.

It is good to know the poon farm system is running smoothly and Playboy Cat Pooner is keenly aware of her responsibility to train more hot poon. We love to see the teaching and passing on of the poon skills at a young age.

Thanks to Feel the Hype for the pictures.


Justin said...

. . . and here I thought Ashley Judd was the only Pooner in Bluegrass Country. Boy, was I wrong. Go Wildcats!

The Last Dragon said...

Poon is always able to get away with jhorts. Something no dude could ever do.

gerry dorsey said...

very nice. and might i add that kentucky has so much poon their cup runneth over. being a crimson tider i can tell you that i met quite a few hotties there that were born and raised in the bluegrass state.