Saturday, October 6, 2007

Letter to TV Newtworks: We Want More POON!

Dear ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports &LFS,

We love poon and all of your viewers love poon. Most importantly, visitors of this site love hot SEC poon. While watching the Florida/Auburn game last Saturday night on ESPN, we were mesmerized by the high number of TV poon shots.

It was a straight up "Poon Off" between Gator and Tiger fans. We extend our gratitude to ESPN for their SEC pooner efforts and all other TV networks could expand on this inaugural "Poon Off. "

We do have a small request to improve all of your coverage of SEC football games. We want you to instruct your TV camera operators to find the poon early and often. Furthermore, TV producers in the trucks outside of the games need to follow up on these great poon finds by using these pooner shots for more than just a brief few seconds.

In conclusion, your channels' buzz and ratings will never be higher if you follow our key advice: KEEP YOUR CAMERAS ON THE SEC POON!


The Poon of the SEC

ps. The sexier the poon, the better.

Poon of the SEC

1 comment:

More Credible said...

I agree,

Saturday night's game was depressing for yours truly, not only because Florida lost but because we didn't pan out to the lovely LSU fans out there (which I know there are plenty).

By the way, I know two of the people in this photo.