Tuesday, October 30, 2007

War Eagle Poon=Confirmed

Eleven days ago, Poon of the SEC posed a challenge to our readers. We were in desperate need to display the beauty of two SEC University pooner hotbeds in Auburn and Vanderbilt. They were the missing links to make our site officially the Poon of the whole SEC.

War Eagle Poon lovers heard our request and delivered the following beautiful babes. Thanks to Stu for the poon tips.

Commodore Poon Hunters, it is now all on you for us to satisfy the Poon of the SEC's mission. hotsecpoon@gmail.com

We would fly away with these delicious WAR Eagle Pooners.

We speculate that one of these Auburn pooners helped Brandon Cox improve his accuracy and turn around the Tigers' season.

It might be time to make our own T shirt: We heart War Eagle Poon!

War Eagle pooner, while sporting a Tiger Game Jersey, has a beer in one hand and a sexy pooner's arm in another. This makes us "Smitten for this Pooner Kitten."

1 comment:

gerry dorsey said...

damn...that is some sweet poon. what would a guy have to do to get some good luck bama poon before saturday???