Monday, October 15, 2007

LSU fans: We Are Sorry

Here at the Poon of the SEC would like to apologize to all LSU Tiger fans. Due to our outpouring recognition of Bluegrass poon on Friday, we feel partly responsible for Kentucky's big win over the weekend. Keep your head up LSU fans as we still firmly believe the SEC champion should and will play in the BCS title game.

All of your spirits should be buoyed by the fact that the best poon in America still resides in the SEC and we would like to express our condolences by serving up some spicey Cajun poon gumbo on this Monday afternoon. This lunch time treat should bring some smiles back to your faces. Enjoy.

1 comment:

gerry dorsey said...

if this is truly the reason lsu lost last week, then i must ask, nay beg that you post an assload of aubbie poon this friday. c'mon mac it for the kids.