Friday, October 19, 2007

"Hey Tebow, "Who's in Your Fave 5?"

With fans jamming up Tebow's phone a few weeks ago and forcing him to get a new number, Poon of the SEC decided to investigate who might be on the Gator's Sophomore QB's fave 5. Warning, the following results contain high amounts of Gator Poon.
With hot a pooner like this in the stands and on Timmy's speed dial, we have no idea how he is able to concentrate at his home games.

Being the FSU turned USF Cowgirl, Jenn Sterger does not make into Teabow's top 5. Her pooner friend does grace his speed dial and Tim has "chosen the right one."

If there is anyone getting more love on the Gainesville campus than Tebow, it might be this Gator statue. This hot Gator pooner makes a repeat appearance on Poon of the SEC and she is a solid member(s) of Tebow's fave 5.

After looking at the final member of Tebow's fave five list, the Poon of the SEC has a different outlook on home schooling. We would have gladly traded study halls in high school to end up dialing up a pooner like this in college. We suspect when Tebow has Teabag insults hurled his way that this gator pooner might have some consoling ideas.

(This post was made in jest with high amounts of poon sarcasm. Poon of the SEC)


More Credible said...

I like the "dual threat" feature.

If you bag one, does the other come together as a side dish?

gerry dorsey said...

where is my lsu jinxing aubbie poon?!?

by the way, i've never been to the swamp, do they really have statues of their mascots??? g-a-y.