Friday, December 14, 2007

"Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?"

Hot Sec Poon loves their "drinky drinky" and who can blame them? Here is another installment of Happy Hour Poon.
2 bottles for the price of one! Who needs Salt of Lime?
This is one of our favorite pictures of all time. Does this War Eagle pooner not have Hall of Fame potential potential or what? Dress, school colors, hooker boots and caught mixing a stiffy inside the stadium. Poonerfection!

All we need to see is a cute face and a nice cleavage line for her enshrinement into the Poon of the SEC Hall of Fame. What type of coeds sneak in flasks for themselves? Where else in college football do find this astounding bravery? Nowhere and No one but HOT SEC POON.

Chugging Contests RULE! GO CAJUN POONER GO!

Sweet Biscuits are "yummy in the pooner tummy" after a long night of partying. Can we order ours with EXTRA frosting por favor? Scrumptious.

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