Monday, December 10, 2007

Congrats Tebow

We are sure everyone is tired of our continuous Heisman related posts and we promise that this is the last one. (FYI, we have an amazing ongoing bowl special planned.)

We had to offer a Poon of the SEC congratulations to Tim Tebow for winning the 2007 Heisman.

The best case scenario is that our site contributed in some fashion to Tebow's historic achievement and worst case is that people just enjoyed our Gator poon.

We need to visit this type of casino where EVERYONE wins!

While listening to Tim's acceptance speech, we agreed with one of his (our) repetitive statements.

“We love looking at Gator poon, and we love Gator Nation poon.”

Tim hugged everyone on stage he could get his hands on and here are 4 more hot sec pooners who might be happy with a Tebow celebratory embrace.

1 comment:

bergjustin22 said...

HOLY LORD that first one - the blonde - what a perfect package SHE is... good find... all time hall of famer