Thursday, September 4, 2008

SEC Pooner Condolences to Hawaii

Ever since finishing off their undefeated regular season by feasting on cupcake opponents and somehow earning a BCS Sugar Bowl trip, life has not been to good for the Hawaii Warriors' football program.

Colt Brennan lost his Heisman bid to Tim Tebow and the Warriors were completely destroyed by the Georgia Bulldogs in the Louisiana Superdome. Head Coach June Jones then bolted for SMU and Hawaii opened up their 2008 season last Saturday with the Florida Gators crushing them, 56-10.

Because much of their misfortune is due to the SEC's college football domination, Poon of the SEC would like to send some Gator pooner condolences towards the Aloha state. We even will toss in some cheer poon to lift the spirits.

Note: Poon of the SEC apologizes for the delay status in our regular postings but do not worry because we have big plans for the 2008 college football season. We are working on revamping the site, adding some pimp SEC Poon merchandise to sell and have tentative plans to be guests on an Atlanta radio morning show.

Things are looking up for Hot Sec Poon! As always, mad props to those who help fuel this site and show the college football world where the hottest fans reside.

Poon of the SEC belongs to everyone and it will always exist as long as the Hot SEC Poon flows like the booze on SEC college gamedays.

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Sparky Duck said...

no worries, Colt is counting his millions in the NFL

skigator93 said...

"millions" is technically inaccurate since he signed for $1.8 million. He cannot pluralize it yet!

skigator93 said...

Aside from that, what is up with the lack of poon here? It's week 2 already and all we have to show for it is recycled modeling shots and below par cheer poon?!

Eathan said...

Convert to the Big 12 Poon! there's plenty of hot poon in the Big 12. Dayum I'm ready for october rivalrys.

Anonymous said...

Those girls are not very hot. Thanks for nothing. said...

It can't really have success, I feel so.