Tuesday, February 26, 2008

War Eagle Pooner Makes It Big

Most young boys as sports fans dream about playing high school, college and/or professional football. Some even aspire to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Young girl cheerleaders have similar aspirations in making their high school or college cheer squads. Some want to be professional cheerleaders and possibly model in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Hot War Eagle Pooner, Jessica Trainham, accomplished those goals while still in school at Auburn. Jessica skipped college cheer leading and went straight to the pros. She just finished her third season as an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader and was featured in this month's SI Swimsuit Issue.

Take a Gander.

We typically stray away from showing cheer poon on our site but we made an exception due to Jessica's impressive accomplishment. Check out video of her SI shoot.

Every young or current SEC pooner can look to Jessica as inspiration. Hell, she made us want to yell, "Go Falcons!" or more appropriately, "WAR EAGLE POON!"

Falcons Cheerleading Bio
SI Photos
Story of Auburn student making it in SI

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