Thursday, February 28, 2008

Foray Into Radioland

It was brought to our attention that Poon of the SEC has entered into the audio waves of Radioland. A sports afternoon radio show out of Southwest Flordia called Miller and Moulton has mentioned our site several times on air. Their show is located on ESPN 770 AM radio dial and can be listened to live online.

We are deeply honored and humbled to be recognized in another medium. This demonstrates that the beauty of SEC poon is not just limited to the series of tubes. Mad props to our readers and poon hunters who keep fueling our site.

Also, major kudos to the poon for their outward love of SEC football and more essential, their continued sizzling hot poonness.

We would like scratch the backs of Miller and Moulton for their kind offerings. We can reward them and their geographic listeners in our usual Poon of the SEC fashion.

Displaying Hot Gator Poon.

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