Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gator Pooner Pudding

The NY Times ran an article last week focusing on the downsides of being a famous college football athlete. It detailed specific incidents that Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Colt McCoy have faced with overzealous fans. This story by Tebow piqued our interest.
While shopping recently at RadioShack, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was approached by a woman with a seemingly innocuous request to take a picture with him. But an instant before her mother snapped the photo with a cellphone camera, the woman tried to take off her shirt.

“It’s happened four or five times,” Tebow said with a sigh. “Most of the time I just dive out of the picture. Some people can just be crazy."
Tebow is a better man than we will ever be because we could never resist the lure of hot Gator poon. Do not take our word for it because the proof is in the Gator pooner pudding.


kyle said...

And Tebow still claims to be heterosexual. Really?

safemeds said...

nobody is more fantastic that wake in the morning, take a coffee, prepare some breakfast, and check your blog, yeah nothing like see all those hooties to star the day!!!