Friday, January 25, 2008

Recruiting Advice

Here at Poon of the SEC we try to stay away from the internal rivalries of SEC schools. Our narrow focus is hot sec poon and every school has been featured repeatedly.

Well, not everyone. Where you at Vandy? Nashville is full of Commodore poon but for some reason we are unable to track any down.

Anyway, we enjoy taking light hearted jabs at individual schools players.

The latest news of UF coach Urban Meyer possibly lining up a player's girlfriend with a spot on the UF gymnastic team as a recruiting tactic made us reevaluate our non bias policy.

We want to put our Dr. Phil hat on and offer Urban some recruiting tips.

Hey Urban,

Obviously, you are not a reader of our site because if you were, just a label link of any Florida Gator poon on the right hand of our home page would help solidify more quality UF recruits than any woman's gymnastic coach.

Gainesville is a deep swamp of hot Gator poon and this type of body shot picture is the only negotiation tool you will need to seal a letter of intent signature.

Oh, You are welcome.

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Jay Cam said...

ooh..i wonder what happens next!
; )