Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wanted: Hot Mississippi State Bulldog Poon

Poon of the SEC wanted to recognize the recent on the field football accomplishments of Mississippi State by displaying some hot ass Bulldog poon until we realized that our Miss St poon inventory is at the same level as a Poon hunter's flask in the 4th quarter: FLAT EMPTY.

Please help us refill quickly by sending any Bulldog poon to hotsecpoon@gmail.com

In order to remind you what Starkville can bring to the pooner table, here is a lovely shot of playboy Bulldog pooner. Thanks to Playboy and Six Pack Speak for the picture.


Matt said...

Hey, I made that pic... The most fun fark ive ever done.


More Credible said...

Wow, is something right there.

Wish that logo wasn't in the way.

www.albacete-3d.com said...

The writer is totally fair, and there's no doubt.