Wednesday, November 7, 2007

SEC Pooner Cat Fight

It appears some War Eagle poon attempted to attend a LSU tailgate a few weeks ago at the LSU/Auburn game. Cajun pooner wanted no part of this development and she does not hide her disgust of the situation.

As much as a possible SEC Pooner cat fight peaks our curiosity, Poon of the SEC sees an opportunity to mend some pooner fences.

As a site focused on all hot SEC poon, we encourage our lovely pooners to keep their collegial spirit alive by continuing with your highly attractive educated football smack talking but to embrace each other in the tailgating environment.

We advise SEC poon to share a cocktail,talk about sunglasses/necklaces/shoes, make fun of Jorts, discuss potential replacements for Coach O, complain about the refs, ponder what SEC team has the biggest red kneck fans, and argue what SEC QB you would or have hooked up with.

We reach out a olive branch to both schools in our normal Poon of the SEC fashion.


Gerald said...

Well, the last one is shopped. Those are Sports by Brooks models. Good AU/LSU pics and a good video showing the trash nature of LSU fans, though. AU/UGA this weekend. Bring it.

Bryce said...

I would have shut that loud mouth bitch up quick. All pooners are aloud at my tailgate.

Alex said...

I may be seeing things (or what I want to see), but in the second to last picture, it looks like we might have an actual poon shot (girl in white)