Thursday, November 19, 2009

America's Lucy Pinder

By now, every male has seen the infamous Tim Tebow girlfriend bazooka picture above and it turned out not to be his girlfriend or the world famous UK model Lucy Pinder.

Those facts are back ground as the girl pictured is Erin Drewes, a smoking hot Gator pooner that is in graduate school and decided to become a model.

Of course, it is fitting that Playboy would body spray Tim Tebow for her shoot.

Go to Playboy for an interview with Erin Dewes about the whole ordeal.

Picture Credit: John Neyrot via Playboy.


kyle said...

I always wondered what happened to her and if she was going to cash in on her "fame." Glad she choose this route.

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She is stunningly beautiful and sexy, great body.

Roxanne said...

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